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an image of different leaf types and their functions in the plant's life cycle
What Does the Leaf Says About Nutrient Deficiency Problem
Helpful chart to identify deficiency problems in plants #aquaponics #aquaponic #gardening
green leaves are growing in the garden
some lettuce that has been cut in half
Cichorium intybus disease
some lettuce that is cut up and ready to be eaten
Problem with pan di zucchero
a bunch of green leafy vegetables with brown spots on them
some type of plant that is growing on the ground
who knows this disease?
an unripe plant that is growing in the dirt
Wet rot on melon.
the plant is starting to wilt and it's roots are beginning to sprout
What kind of disease is it?
an old tree that has been turned into something
Pink mold on melon branches, with moist rot. What symptom does it display?
a close up of a plant with leaves and dirt on it's surface in front of a blue tarp
cladosporium spp ?
a close up of leaves with brown spots on them
Cladosporium spp?
green leaves with water droplets on them in the sun
peronospora su rucola
an unripe plant with green tomatoes in the background
big problem 2
an unripe plant is on the ground
big problem 1