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Arredamento e dintorni - Furniture and surroundings
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Martha's Paper Lanterns
bella l'idea della tenda-mappa
Complete renovation of a former summer house located on an island outside Gothenburg. Exterior cladding in tar coated plywood.
Arco la lampada dei fratelli Castiglion progettata nel 1962
Frank Flavell paired with the furniture and product design firm, & Then, to create the Leaning Man tables and shelves.
Dimitris Zoz e le sue poltrone nella nuova boutique Giovanni Raspini a Milano per il Fuorisalone
pallets: non bruciateli, utilizzateli!
I disegni originali della lampada Eclisse di Vico Magistretti per Artemide
falkland lampada di Bruno Munari

Altre idee
I disegni originali della lampada Eclisse di Vico Magistretti per Artemide
Waterkoker volgens het open source-principe van Thomas Lommée
Giusy Tomaselli Design: Food Design...le Posate!
Two objects produced by Olivia’s Otto and exhibited  in the show Oh!nirica at Palazzo Rucellai, Florence. Letto Abbarca Mauro Lovi
'Specchio Riflesso' designed by Elia per Otto luogo dell'arte Firenze
'Applauses' designed by Tarshito
'Illuminante' designed by Gabriele Mallegni per Otto luogo dell'arte Firenze
Ugo Marano, Sedia del pensiero, sedia, sedia in acciaio, seduta con mosaico, 185 x 200 cm, 1986. Courtesy Otto luogo dell’arte.
funky futon
Otto, in this project, with these artists, designers and artisans with which we work, would like to propose a variety of interpretations of the table and the objects above and below it. In this period of history, we think it is up to those who plan projects and create objects which surround us in our everyday lives o reflect on their identity and meaning, face-to-face with the changeable themes of everyday life.