Juventus logo by Interbrand Milan

Juventus launch new logo to go 'beyond football'. Will it take them there

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Best #10 in Juve il numero migliore all'eccellenza ♥⚪⚫

Best in Juve il numero migliore all'eccellenza ♥⚪⚫

The new Juventus logo reveal!! Juventus Football Club, the most successful and popular in Italy, made a bold move unveiling a new club logo today. It was unveiled at the club’s ‘Black and White and More’ event. “This new logo is a symbol of the Juventus way of living,” club president Andrea Agnelli said of the new look after opening by saying ‘To grow…(the club has to) evolve our approach off (the field) to reach new heights.”

The new Juventus logo reveal Juventus Football Club the most

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Rivals // Paulo Dybala

Read capítulo 1 from the story Rivals // Paulo Dybala by (Alejandra) with reads.

Juventus pošesté v řadě mistrem Itálie, rozhodla výhra nad Crotone



#Dybala and #Higuain in #JuveEmpoli

#Dybala and #Higuain in #JuveEmpoli