Monstermarks – Kid Craft Tutorial. Easy bookmark craft for kids (and dads).

Monstermarks Kid Craft

these are awesome. but dang! too so many steps involved! Monstermarks – Kid Craft Tutorial - Crafts For The Times

Big nose Monster Bookmarks. These bookmarks are simple to make with children of all ages. A great book craft to do with kids

Monster Big Nosed Bookmarks

Farm Friends Puppets - 4 Things to Make With Craft Sticks.  Kidfolio - the app for parents -

4 Things to Make With Craft Sticks

Use these compact cuties to put on a puppet show in a shoe box theater. Paint jumbo craft sticks as shown. Add button, bead, felt, and googly eye features with tacky glue. Use a black marker to add nostrils or other details. PUPPET SHOW!