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The clear blue sky contrasting the stunning black sand beach is not hard to find in Iceland, as it can appear in several locations.

Gorgeous Black Horses

Photography You can feel the attraction.Michela Black Horses nuzzling, with beautiful black bridle halters.

Pegasus, Gypsy Vanner Stallion..

This is a Gypsy Vanner Stallion. And while he looks all white here, he's not. His mane is covering his brown ears and blue eyes. And his other side has patches on it.

so beautiful

© Heather Last. Dancing in the Dust captures the power,the strength,the pure grace and beauty of the American Quarter Horse. Signed fine art prints are available by contacting me.

Black Friesian horse running on the beach - Portfolio Paardenfoto's « Hypo Focus Paardenfotografie. Something about pure black horses.

Ridiculously gorgeous.

The Friesian is a horse breed originating in Friesland, Netherlands. Although the breed's conformation resembles that of a light draft horse, Friesians are graceful and nimble for their size.


Beautiful red chestnut horse running through the Autumn forest with leaves falling and sun shining through. Such a pretty horse picture!

.hunter jumper dressage horse equine equestrian

A true black, (not brown looking black), and a single star. The sort if things that dreams are made of ;) I had a horse that looked exactly like this one and named it "Black" just like the black stallion movie that came it in the early

Horse running in the snow | Flickr - Photo Sharing! on we heart it / visual bookmark #16123394

horses-are-the-angels-of-earth: “ Horses have always been my favourite animals.

ANDALUSIAN STALLION                                                       …

Andalusian Stallion Trueno, Long Mane, by Cheri Prill (fine art prints for sale)