gold AD truck with dagmars and portholes

Indian 4 So beautiful ;) motorbike indian Gold AD truck with dagmars and portholes

This car runs completely on air!

Meet what could the vehicle of the future. The AirPod runs solely on compressed air and can reach a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. The manufacturer, MDI, is working with a number of car companies to put the AirPod on the market.


Teardrop campers are the next best thing to a tent. Teardrop camping trailers can sleep two adults comfortably, might have a small kitchen and are easier to tow then anything else on the road!


Huichol-style beaded VW beetle The photos don't make justice to this car, truly a work of art. The entire car is covered with elaborate designs made with tiny seed beads in the style of Huichol art. It's a sight to behold! The entire work took around 7