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Chard/Pinot Noir

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Wine description: Both are Burgundian-inspired, made using traditional old world techniques (wild yeasts, barrel fermentations/aging). Design: Elegance. Traditional Burgundian shaped bottle - chard bottle will be "deadleaf" green color and PN will be "canelle" darkbrown color - labels inspired also by traditional Burgundy with a new world edge (off white, clean, heavy textured paper) - Part of our premium tier and need to look the part (fits in on a white table cloth).

petrus wine labels - Google Search

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we like the embossed look of this simple label.

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Paper texture & color

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acadian artifacts - Google Search

we like the simplicity of this label and the detail on the capsule.

foretell wine labels - Google Search

Abraxas Vin De Terroir | Robert Sinskey Vineyards