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the sky is blue and white with some clouds in it's backgrounge
Verdigris Map
a blue chair sitting next to a table with potted plants on it
Papier peint intissé JUNGLE/SMILE Uni vert d'eau | Leroy Merlin
Papier peint intissé JUNGLE/SMILE Uni vert d'eau CASELIO
a bath room with a tub and a towel rack on the wall next to it
Tjimkje de Boer hat eine alte Munitionsfabrik in ein Zuhause verwandelt
Diskreter Industriecharme – im Bad laufen Kupferleitungen über rohe Wände, einen neuen Anstrich erhielt nur die Sockelzone. (Foto: Jansje Klazinga)
a bathroom with black and white checkered flooring has a mural of a pelican on the wall
We Have Closed Our Doors
Last year we were set the exciting task of transforming an indulgence showroom in Dartford. In charge of the design was the fabulous Coppin Dockray Architects , who chose to transform the showroom with some masterpieces from the National G…
two windows with blue shutters are on the side of a pink and white building
Alessandra Lagomarsini Decorazione Facciate Dipinte Restauro
Alessandra Lagomarsini - decorazione dipinta, restauro murale - Genova, Liguria