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When did gear lose the idea? SKINS: for performance, not display. This is our #catwalk.  #SKINS #bestincompression #performance #recovery #equipment #sport #fitness #run

A couple of years ago, compression tights moved out of their professional-sport pigeon hole and became a high-tech workout product that everyone had access to.

Band of brothers

On the hellish battlefields of World War II Europe, Major Dick Winters led his Easy Company—the now-legendary Band of Brothers—from the confusion and chaos of the D-Day invasion to the final.

Things You Dont Know About: Abraham Lincoln | History Channel Documentary

LOC Gov Docs: Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress The complete Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress consists of approximately documents.

Circle of Life - This is why I want to be buried in a bush/rural setting, bunnies can eat the grass, bees nectar from flowers, etc. I hate the ones with gravel or big cement block over it :(