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Carmenata with her red penner and inkhorn

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British Library, Netherlands, 1479 Miniature of the translator, Simon de Hesdin…

Bric-a-brac — Illuminated manuscript showing a scribe,...

Le Secret des secrets . — Alain Chartier, Le Bréviaire des nobles BNF

Le Secret des secrets. — Alain Chartier, Le Bréviaire des nobles.

The Burden of Writing: Scribes in Medieval Manuscripts - Medieval manuscripts blog

miniatore.jpg (579×742) I can't say if it is 12th r 13th Century, but the lap-top scriptorium ist interesting.

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A parchment-seller’s shop, illustrated in a fifteenth-century Italian chronicle. One man is trimming the sheets into rectangles and the other is rubbing them down with chalk in preparation for writing. The stock for sale on the shelves includes both rolls and packets of ready-folded sheets

Illustration 6, MMM

Jean Miélot dans son cabinet de travail Buonaccorso de Pistoie, Débat de vraie noblesse Jean Le Tavernier, enlumineur., Audenarde, après 1450. Provenance : Philippe le Bon. Parchemin, 48 + I f., environ 440 × 280 mm, 8 miniatures à mi-page Bruxelles, KBR, ms. 9278-80, f. 1

BnF - Miniatures flamandes

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Miniature of a hermit at work on a manuscript. Estoire del Saint Graal, 14th c., Royal MS 14 E III, f. 6v. British L.

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BnF- Dossier pédagogique - Jean Fouquet

Dossier pédagogique - Jean Fouquet

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