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a pencil drawing of a wolf's face
Dibujo Lobo. Sanguina sobre Guarro A4
a drawing of an old brick building
a drawing of a man with long hair and beard in red ink on white paper
A lápiz sanguínea
a drawing of a woman with her hands together
a drawing of a naked man holding a knife and looking at something in his hand
a drawing of a male nude with his head on the back of another man's shoulder
Chasing Tail Feathers MOVED to Tail-Feathers
hadrian6: “ Drawing after Michelangelo. 1630-33. Peter Paul Rubens. Flemish. 1577-1640. red chalk on paper. British Museum. UK. ”
three studies of hands and feet by raphael de pionel, c 1500
(#102) Gaetano Gandolfi
a drawing of an old man with a beard