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Tall vase centerpiece surrounded by smaller arrangements of baby's breath
Sugared almonds - Confettata
confettata matrimonio
La confettata
La confettata
La confettata
meravigliosa confettata - Reveuse ricevimenti - Catering Magnago (MI)

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#hairstyles  Photography: Ozzy Garcia -  Read More:
Hairstyle - Messy Updo - See more here:  Photography -
wedding table chart shabby chic style in Villa Pestalozza Italy - I love some of these ideas ( colour pallet also ) to add to the house!
tableau mariage valigia - Cerca con Google
Shoe Clips Pink Satin Bow & Rhinestone / Pearls. by sofisticata, CUSTOM MADE COLORS! Wedding Heel Accessory, Valentines Day Date, Flirty Sexy Pins.
During those moments when you feel a Bridezilla Attack Coming On, Just Remember- 'Keep Calm and Marry On' Free Printable Download From I Do It Yourself.
Shoe Clips Ivory / White / Black  Loops Pearl & by sofisticata, whimsical wedding heel accessory. MORE colors available!
<b>Instrucciones de mantenimiento</b></br>Lavar a mano solamente