cooking with stefania in tuscany

Stefania's cooking lessons are imbued with the joy and passion that she brings to food, cooking and the rest of her life. She believes that food reveals much…
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a vase filled with lots of pink and white flowers on top of a wooden table
one for each of you ❤️ #cookingwithstefania #italiancookinglessons #italy #tuscany #chianti
there are two different views of the same house in the country side and on the other side
CIAO FROM TUSCANY!!!! it is hard to catch with the camera this amazing sunset light and literally impossible to catch the scents #cookingwithstefania #italiancookinglessons
there is a cup of coffee with milk in it on the table next to a field
la vita è bella #cookingwithstefani #italiancookinglessons #withlove
some green and white onions on a wooden table
fresh harvested garlic from my mum's garden ❤ #italiancookinglessons #pure #mpnatural #seasonal #simolicityinthekitchen #qualityoverquantity
a girl in an apron is making pasta at the kitchen counter with other children around her
grace in the kitchen❤ #italiancookinglessons #stefania #tuscany #italy #organic #countrycooking #cookingwithkids
strawberries and other foods are arranged on the table with flowers in vases next to them
#tuscaneaster #withstefania
a wooden table topped with bowls filled with food
two women in the kitchen preparing food on a cutting board with knifes and paper towels
there are many different types of food on the table with tags in each one's jars
a group of people standing around a table filled with food
there are many different types of condiments on the table, including tomatoes and cucumbers
tomato soup with basil in a skillet on the stove
three women in orange aprons standing around a table
two hands are rolling dough on a table
someone is adding eggs to flour in a bowl