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several green and white rolled up papers on a plate with an image of a woman
Such a fun party idea! Copy photos of birthday person and wrap them around napkins, birthday person then tells story of each photo!! Happy 85th birthday Dad!
an image of a birthday party with balloons and flowers on the table in front of it
In the Buff & Blue
stylishblogger: “Birthday year 1986. ❤️ / photography by: @katherineannrose + @lukegriffin1 #sj1986 by @sincerelyjules ”
a cake that has the number 100 on it and is decorated with strawberries in rows
dolci - torta compleanno 100 anni
torta compleanno 100 anni : torta di pan di spagna farcita con crema e fragole fresche -italian food, love Italy- from HAngry Bakery
a framed family tree with the names and dates written in cursive writing on it
Upcycling Old Candles and a DIY Gift (Monday Made It)
Family tree
an elderly woman holding up two pictures of herself and her family in front of some trees
FFT Blog
Four Generations. .. I created this picture for my granny's 90th birthday party. My cousin and I bought the frames and put a solid color in them and had each person hold the frames. After all pictures were taken, I used Photoshop to put the pictures in the frame, and returned the frames. My granny had no clue why she was in my aunt and uncles backyard holding an empty frame!