Pasquale Francia

Pasquale Francia

Italia / Avvocato di professione e scrittore di fiction nel tempo libero. Benvenuti nella mia bacheca!
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'Vive l'empereur!' Waterloo; the Charge of the Lancers of the Guard Led by Général Baron de Colbert, 8th June 1815

General Edouard de Colbert leading the Red Lancers as they charge a Highlander square at Waterloo.

1812 11-17 Krasnoye, Dutch Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard - A.N. Yezhov

1815 Waterloo 95th Rifles - Ferre Clauzel

A Roman centurion leads his legionaries through a storm of arrows at the Battle of Dyrrhachium ~ Radu Oltean.

British soldiers defending the Hougomont gate during the Battle of Waterloo, June 1815.

The French Infantry break through the gates of Hougoumont at the Battle of Waterloo 1815

"Hougoumont the Frech attack", Chris Collingwood

A casting call for black cats / The 100 most beautiful photos of cats in Paris =>

"Winter Wood" by Helen Musselwhite (paper art in a Glass Dome)