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Ideias charmosas e práticas de cantinho do café

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This vertical Italian wine and spirits poster features a woman in a red dress holding a bottle of chianti in one arm and a box in the other. The beautiful Vintage Poster Reproduction from our catalogue of 1400 classic posters.

Is pasta too Italian for quebecers? Why not ban every word that's not French? Is Pauline Marois against the Italian language?  Is this getting too ridiculous?  The Quebec government wants to place laws to preserve the Quebec language, however they might be taking it too far, they decided to sue the restaurant buonanotte for having the word pasta on their menu. How far will this new rule go? We'll soon find out!

Pasta Traditional Italian Food Vintage Metal Sign


The Vespa has evolved from a single model motor scooter manufactured in 1946 by Piaggio & Co.

PatrickJohn 71

Travel in Italian Style on Vespa.--love the tardis blue vespa but especially the flower dress