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Sports Floors Parquet

The best sports floors parquet for gyms are signed Dalla Riva Sportfloors. Not only sports flooring in wood for large sports facilities and sports arenas. Dalla Riva Sportfloors also spoke to install sport floors parquet for gyms of medium size.
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The attention to detail during the #maintenance work performed by Dalla Riva Sportfloors

The #maintenance of the removable sports #parquet ended with great satisfaction for plant operators

The old #floor has been carefully checked by DR staff before being sanded

The "assembled"#sports floor stored waiting to be reprocessed

The detail of an operation performed on an assembled #panel

The removable #floor of Gallarate required numerous modifications and adaptations of the #panels

Staff of Dalla Riva Sportfloors during #maintenance phases in the gymnasium of Gallarate

The #skating paint #treatment as that performed by the DR brand in Friuli does not affect the #grip of the footwear during traditional activities such as basketball, volleyball or soccer 5

The #surface in #parquet of the #indoor stadium was treated with three cycles of #skating paint

The sports #floor of the sports hall of Gradisca d'Isonzo was undergoing to surgery with #sanding and a treatment with paint skating