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a close up of a piece of paper with words written in italian and english on it
Parlare al vento rende tutto molto leggero
an open book with some type of writing on it's page and the words in spanish
La poesia del giorno: “Hai un sangue, un respiro” – Cesare Pavese
the words expect nothing appreciate everything written on a white background with black ink in it
25 Short Inspirational Quotes for a Beautiful Life
Expect nothing appreciate everything - Short inspirational quotes #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby
a drawing of a woman's body with her hands in the shape of a heart
don't go where i can't follow.: foto
nonpotraipiusoffocarelemieali: “1000drawings: “by Frédéric Forest ” (illusioni ad alto grado di stupidità) ”
a yellow background with the words soul full of sunshine
Stay gold Cami Tank
Sun will shine in & out. Bullshit shines brightest everyone laughing brings more light. Fuck it join the humor ditch the illusion of why me poor.
the words find comfort in the chaos written on a white background
the words do not waste today on a pink background
Read This If You Are Bored Out Of Your Mind On May 30
the words eyes talk are written in black on a white background
P i n t e r e s t | oshslambie ♡