Idées déco salon à faire soi-même – 38 projets inspirants

Idées déco salon à faire soi-même – 38 projets inspirants

This would be pretty fantastic to do with some beautiful cards and treasured photos! Doing this

6 Ways To Hang Photos Without Using Nails

Hanging cards around your studio space - inspiration and also a great idea for card display

metal grid

DIY Inspiration: Metal Grid

inspiration board //

I now have a wall like this in my office, though much more spare at the present. I just print out inspirational quotes and pretty things, dig up old photograph, or ripe out pages in magazines and tape them up on the wall.

WANT to make these, have to wait until "spring". aka I will make them myself while the cars are at the race track and the devil of sawdust can't "contaminate".

How To Make Wall Shelves For Postcards & Art (It's Easy

super simple "postcard shelves" @ Young House Love definitely a computer room idea

Illuminate your greatest masterpieces (or a memo you don't want to forget!) with this fun set of LED photo clip string lights. It features light-up clothespins that can hold your fave photos, notes, a

Hanging Photo Album - 12 Ways to Use Your Christmas Lights in the Summer - Southernliving. Clip all your summer pictures up on strings of Christmas lights for an ethereal glow in your room. Swap the pictures out next season, and keep making memories.

'Cause You Need ...: ... DIY postcards holder

vintage beekeeper tray - great for displays. I have so many vintage cards, post cards and letters.