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a body of water with trees in the background and clouds in the sky above it
Restored Villa Reale reflect in the lake- autumn 2018
Restored Villa Reale reflect in the lake- autumn 2018
an old building with columns and a clock tower
Clock house of Villa Reale
XVII building with the imponent Clock on its top! Facade and roof recently renovated - must see
an old building in the middle of some trees and bushes with flowers growing around it
Pan’s grotto in the park of Villa Reale (Lucca, Tuscany)
a building with snowflakes on the roof and merry christmas written in gold lettering
Quest'anno gli auguri di #Natale arrivano con le #facciate restaurate e illuminate della #VillaReale - prima foto ufficiale dopo il restauro! This year #MerryChristmas arrives with the new Villa Reale's facades: restored and enlightended - first official pic of #VillaReale after the restoration! #marlia #capannori #lucca #villelucchesi #grandigiardiniitaliani #antichecameliedellalucchesia2017 #secretgarden #adsi #dimorestoriche #igerlucca #igerstoscana #restauri #restoration #beniculturali
a large grassy field with a house in the back ground and trees on either side
Villa Reale di Marlia: storia, natura, arte e meraviglia
Villa del Vescovo nel parco della Villa Reale di Marlia - Bishop's Villa at Park of Villa Reale in Marlia - LUCCA - Tuscany
the words are written in white on a tan background
I Luoghi del Cuore | Scopri i luoghi italiani più amati
Vota MARLIA. VILLA REALE, Capannori (LUCCA) - I Luoghi del Cuore - FAI
a person sitting on a bench under an archway
#VillarealeCulturale: Artista americana all'opera nella Grotta di Pan in un pomeriggio d'autunno - Capannori LUCCA
an old stone building with flowers in the foreground
Ciciana, Lucca, Tuscany
the inside of an old building with arches and windows
Villa Reale di Marlia (Lucca)
Giardini e Ville: Villa Reale di Marlia (Lucca)
the inside of an old building with stone carvings on it's walls and a round window
Villa Reale di Marlia (Lucca)
Giardini e Ville: Villa Reale di Marlia (Lucca)
an old building with plants in the courtyard
Villa Reale - Tuscany, Italy. I'm moving in. Srsly ... my dream home ... and it's in wine country! Bonus!
an old green door on the side of a yellow building
Villa reale di marlia
Villa reale di marlia by B.Meijers, via Flickr
an old building with ivy growing on it's windows and shutters that are open
The buildings of Villa Reale Marlia ~ Palazina del’Orologia.
an old building with two black doors and a clock
Villa reale di marlia
Toscana, Italy
a small pond in the middle of a park
The Hillside Villas of Lucca - ItalianNotebook - Italy Travel Blog
Villa Reale water garden near Lucca, Italy. The villa itself is closed to the public. Places we visit on my #ItalyRetreat