Elizabeth Moses, C-Type Print Pen, by Tim Walker Photography… It's like reminding us Love is just at our fingertips, just reach out!

:) Tell me how you feel about me, don't make me wonder honestly its kinda getting old.- You already know how I feel. I'm trying to give you and your relationship respect.

What Floats My Boat

This painting was used for a Phillips Autoradio Ad. I need a hood decoration like this for my car.

Le Triangle Lumineux : La femme s'allonge sur le dos et l'homme sur elle. L'homme se met à quatre pattes. Puis la femme soulève son bassin dans la direction de son pénis qu'il peut pénétrer. L'homme reste dans cette position, tandis que la femme peut bouger son bassin de haut en bas.

Adult City Sex Position: The Glowing Triangle At first glance, the Glowing Triangle position reminds us of the classic missionary position - woman on her back and the man on top. However the trick with this position