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Wrapping paper and greeting cards designed by artist, illustrator and designer from all over the world. Pattern, colors, shape which will let your gifts be beautiful outside as well as inside.
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Happy (Wonder) Women's Day! (Wonder Woman greeting card, by Maddalena Pignatiello) Coming soon - next week - on

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Mustache Love by Hikimi "Mustache Love" greeting card was designed by Hikimi. If you look closely the mustache are everywhere! The eco-friendly packaging made of GSK paper, contains 1 greeting card with envelope (white or colored). Perfect for those you love, or for those who love mustaches or birds.

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Red pencils by Giada Montomoli "Red pencils" wrapping paper has been designed by Giada Montomoli. They are perfect to paint "La vie en rouge". The package contains two sheets. 1 sheet can wrap in standard books, dvds, cds, perfumes, smartphones, jewelry, watches, ladybugs plush. Rather not recommended for open umbrellas, encyclopedias, motorcycle helmets, tricycles and skis.

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Unconventional Love KIT contains 5 greeting cards with envelope (white or colored): "Luvsmell", "Catsandsparrow", "FrogPrince", "Cactus", “Sailorwhale”, designed by Hikimi.

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Owls by Hikimi "Owl" greeting card was designed by Hikimi for Paperbanana. Funny and awkward and sometimes a bit shy, owls bring good luck. The eco-friendly packaging made of GSK paper, contains three greeting cards with envelope. Perfect for any occasion, from birthday at a party, but also to wish you luck and joy in an ordinary day.

Pinguini Kit wrapping paper and 4 greeting cards designed by Hikimi

Christmas Pattern designed by Tamara Garcevic

No gravity woods wrapping paper, designed by Elisa Ferro #christmas #gift #wrap


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