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Think Fast, Talk Smart Communication Techniques by Matt Abrahams (Full Transcript) | The Singju Post

Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques from lecturer Matt Abrahams. Learn and practice techniques that will help you speak spontaneously with greater confidence and clarity, regardless of content and context.

Make the office more relaxing while also discovering the time you think you didn't have to practice.

Here's a radical proposal: start your new meditation habit at work. Yup, that work. The office. Busy, stressful, un-meditation-friendly work.

Rivestimento Bagno Serie Sorgenti

Rivestimento Bagno Serie Sorgenti

25 practical techniques, habits and tools that make me hyper productive. All of these you can apply to your life very easily.

One of the biggest maker trends on Product Hunt this past year was curated resource lists: collections of startup resources in various categories all designed to make your job easier. These products…

When you think of relaxation, you think of meditating in the morning, or taking a hot bath at night—perhaps a glass of wine is in the picture too. But sometimes, when your day gets really, batsh*t-crazy stressful, you need something to calm you down right then and there. These simple exercises wi...

Cashing out your is a bad idea at any age but can really kneecap millennials and Gen X-ers

4 Tips to Pass ANY Guard

Stephan Kesting explores 4 core concepts in this brand new video that can be used to help pass anyone's guard, be it in Gi or No Gi BJJ, Submission Grappling or in MMA.