Rocchezza Garden

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an open door leading to a garden with lots of plants
Garden designer Laura Heybrook's Oxford garden is brimful of colour and life
Salvaged from a Parisian café, a pair of large double doors leads out from the kitchen, with planting coming right up to the back of the house.
an assortment of flowers and plants in a garden
the long view
Piet Oudolf - Millennium Garden at Pensthorpe Wildfowl Reserve, Norfolk, UK. - 15th September, 2008
blue and white flowers are in the middle of a garden with tall grasses, grass and other plants
Nigella hispanica 'African Bride' + Blue Fescue in our meadow planting at Sunset Magazine's test gardens Homestead Design Collective.
an assortment of flowers in a garden with gravel and grass on the ground, along with other plants
Allium sphaerocephalon met Stachys byzantina en Dianthus carthusianorum
a garden with various types of flowers and plants in the same area, including grasses
Ideas for planting combinations, colors, textures, from people who have been gardening longer than I have.:
an image of different types of flowers in the garden with labeled labels on each side
Tuin Landschap | Foto film