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a drawing of a building with an open door and some people in the room behind it
jo taillieu architecten
jo taillieu architecten
an empty parking garage with brick walls and green metal grate on the floor next to it
Gallery of Grünes House / Stephanie Hirschvogel Architekten - 14
an empty parking lot next to a building with metal bars on the sides and windows
Petillon Ceuppens, Schenk Hattori, Franziska Krieck · Kindergarten and primary school
four different types of wooden structures with numbers on each side and the same type of structure below
Pan Scroll Zoom 11: Architecten Jan De Vylder Inge Vinck
a diagram showing the location of different types of sewers and drainage systems in an area
The Hidden Territory: USGS’s 1950’s to 1970’s Isometric Geological...
an architectural model of a building with white walls and gold trim on the side, along with two buildings
Kunsthaus Göttingen 2021_atelier st
an aerial view of a building with people walking around it
Gallery of Bird in Hand / Patalab Architecture - 28
Gallery of Bird in Hand / Patalab Architecture - 28
four different views of the same room with white walls and doors, including an open door