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a painting of a man tied up to a tree in the woods with his hands on his head
Giovanni Colacicchi - San Sebastiano, 1943 (Palazzo Pitti)
an image of a painting of two men
St. Sebastian...
Giovanni Bellini, Pala di San Giobbe (dettaglio), 1487, olio su tavola, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venezia
a painting of a naked man holding a bottle in his right hand and standing next to an olive tree
San Sebastiano - Dosso Dossi (Giovanni di Nicolò Luteri)
a painting of a man with no shirt on holding two arrows in his right hand
San Sebastiano - Palma il Vecchio (Jacopo Negretti)
Palma il Vecchio - San Sebastiano insieme alle due tavole Sant'Elena e San Costantino e San Rocco, costituivano il registro inferiore di un polittico
a man with an arrow and roses on his chest is standing in front of flowers
Fashion Fail Rob – RobNipulations™
a painting of a naked man holding something up to his head in front of him
a painting of a naked man standing next to a tree with a cross on it
a painting of a man standing next to a statue
St. Sebastian by tleto, via Flickr
Resim, Hans Holbein, Nuremberg
Albrecht Dürer | Saint Sebastian Bound to the Column | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an image of the creation of adam and eve