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Sam, Your part in this story will go on... - This end made me cry SO many times.

“My dear Sam. You cannot always be torn in two. Your part in the story will go on.” Frodo ~ Lord of the Rings

LOTR, Frodo, Sam, Grey Havens

The scene where you sob so much that the only thing louder than your pathetic hiccups is the ocean of your tears. This was so sad I am tearing up just looking at the picture!

"Do you remember the Shire, Mr Frodo?"

Sean Astin and Elijah Wood as Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings Mount Doom-I can't carry the ring for you.

Anglachel by ~ekukanova on deviantART. Beleg, Melian and Thingol.

Anglachel & is malice in this sword. The dark heart of the smith still dwells in it. It will not love the hand it serves, neither will it abide with you long& ~The Children of Hurin by Tolkien (via Anglachel by ekukanova on deviantART)

Finarfin by Elena Kukanova

Lord of the Third House in Middle-Earth by EKukanova: Finarfin, Orodreth, Galadriel, Finrod, Aegnor and Angrod

Finrod and Aegnor. The last conversation by EKukanova on DeviantArt

Финрод и Аэгнор Finrod and Aegnor. The last conversation by EKukanova on DeviantArt

Аэгнор и Андрет #Aegnor #Andreth

elf-esteem: “ That morning -fragment by ekukanova Aegnor and Andreth - I wish this moment could have lasted forever. They are so happy… Andreth later said, in her conversation with Finrod, that she.

File:Elena Kukanova - Andreth and Aegnor - The First Encounter.jpg

Andreth and Aegnor Inspired by "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth" by Tolkien vatercolours and gouashe on paper, fragment- ekukan. Andreth and Aegnor- the first encounter