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#so65 #nel blu dipinto di blu Erna Aaltonen

this perfect blue object is called . Verytide by Erna Aaltonen (Finnish, Made: 2012 Hand built vessel, stoneware glaze with metal colored oxides

Revue en images des meilleurs looks de rue pris sur le vif par Sandra Semburg à la sortie des défilés automne-hiver 2017-2018 de Milan.

See the best looks seen by Sandra Semburg on the streets of Milan between the shows at Milan Fashion Week Fall&

Ceramics : Galleria Il Pozzo, - Cortona Gift Shop

Ceramic ware made in Cortona by Giulio Lucarini using a local ancient glazing technique, "terra sigillata," . A chemical result of the iron in the slip is the bright orange color that emerges during the firing.