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are those who sit at home and wonder what it is beyond their front door. Than there are those that go out seeking the ends of the Earth looking behind many doors. It is imbedded in our DNA to try and discover what lies beyond our reach.

★ Vintage & Co. ★

★ Vintage & Co. ★

"Se non puoi essere la penna per scrivere la felicità di qualcuno… cerca di essere la gomma per cancellarne la tristezza" #Snoopy #Peanuts #Schulz

Caro Snoopy, "per farti diventare ciò di cui ha bisogno" e ciò che ti convince che tu hai bisogno(Gian).Dear Snoopy, "to make you become what he needs" and what convinces you that you need (Gian)

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Morning Hug quotes cute quote morning charlie brown snoopy good morning sending Hugs out to all who need them today


Dear Jesus, I'm almost sure what all my prays end up into the 'SPAM' folder.


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