Farm Tiller stood upright and made into a fountain.

A farm tiller repurposed as a sculptural fountain. Found art!brilliant idea and since I was raised a farm girl I know what this is!

Chairs and table from old tools - Want this!

Chairs and Table from Old Tools

Repurposed pitch fork and garden tool Table and Chairs, looks like it might hurt.maybe a timeout chair for hubbies;

Nancy Standlee Art - Love this!

Nancy Standlee Fine Art: Blue Ribbons and Honorable Mentions ~ Painted Paper Collage ~ Mixed Media Abstracts by Texas Contemporary Artist Nancy Standlee

The ABC's Of  Living Green

The Homestead Survival Skill Idea s- "The ABC’s of Living Green" - All About Green Living - Homesteading Skills & Green Living Encouragement

Wine & Food Pairing Poster

Simple Food & Wine Pairing

Pairing Wine + Food Show off your wine knowledge with this awesome food + wine pairing chart. It's a decisive infographic that invites a closer look.

Iron Joe Polar Bear Bookshelf by iBride

The Iron Joe Polar Bear Bookshelf model from iBride is a favorite at Switch Modern. We're pleased to offer no sales tax* and our price match guarantee.


This popular expression of allegiance to yogic principles is at once beautiful and inspiring. Artist Ann Altman and poet Diane Ackerman have truly made a stunning statment.

Hospitality Pineapple 2013 Kitchen Towel | | CALENDARS.COM

Hospitality Pineapple 2013 Kitchen Towel: Calendar Towels, first introduced to the market in the have become much sought after collectibles.

Frontgate Bone Mass Scale

BATH- Just a thought, but REAL hesitant to buy a scale.

Beer with a goat?

"Bock Beer poster for the George Winter Brewing Co. of New York City, ca The poster shows Columbia raising a glass of bock beer with a friendly goat, the symbol of bock beer.