codex PaliCampion

modelli di pali per illuminazione, arredo urbano, energia, telecomunicazioni, segnaletica columns for lighting, decorative, energia, telecommunication, sign…
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an advertisement for a lamp post with people working on it and another person standing next to it
Model F1V codex PaliCampion High mast with mobile crown and dome d3000 or d4000
an image of a fence that is made out of wire and has a metal pole
Model F22R codex PaliCampion. Poles for fences
an overhead street light with two lights on each pole and the words pacific companion written below it
Model F22V codex PaliCampion. Poles for video surveillance
an old book with a woman standing next to a flag and another person holding the flag
Model F20V codex PaliCampion. Flag column
a drawing of a tall pole with a clock on it's top and wires above it
Model F19R codex PaliCampion. Sign support
an advertisement for a street light on the side of a road
Model F17V codex PaliCampion. Signs and lighting support
an old postcard with a street light and some writing on the back side of it
Model F16V codex PaliCampion. Traffic light support
a drawing of a wooden structure with metal railings
Model F13V codex PaliCampion. Support for variabile message signs
an advertisement for a wind turbine with a man working on the pole next to it
Model F12R codex PaliCampion. Columns for wind turbine
an old book with drawings of street lights
Model F8R codex PaliCampion. Columns for street lighting
an old postcard shows the different types of street lights and their uses for lighting
Model F6V codex PaliCampion. Collapsible lighting column
an old book with pictures of people climbing up the side of a tall tower and ladders attached to it
Model F4R codex PaliCampion High mast with criminale ladder, platform and tilted head frame
a drawing of a tall pole with a man standing next to it and another person looking at it
Model F1R codex PaliCampion High mast with mobile crown and dome anti birds