Caspar David Friedrich

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an image of a man and woman in the woods with spider webs above them
corot clichés verre
Caspar David Friedrich
a drawing of a tree with no leaves
Dead Tree, Caspar David Friedrich, 1806
a painting of a woman standing in front of a sunset
Il Demente e la Sindrome del Tramonto | Demenza e Delirium
Il Demente e la Sindrome del Tramonto
two people standing on a hill looking at the moon
Caspar David Friedrich | Two Men Contemplating the Moon | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Caspar David Friedrich (German, 1774–1840). Two Men Contemplating the Moon, ca. 1825–30.
a painting of a castle in the distance with snow on the ground and pine trees
Caspar Friedrich
Winter landscape, 1811, Caspar David Friedrich
a pile of rubble sitting on top of a beach covered in snow
The Sea of Ice, 1823 - 1824 - Caspar David Friedrich -
"The Sea of Ice" by Caspar David Friedrich, 1824 More
a painting of a man standing on top of a mountain looking out at the clouds
Manly Honor: Part II — The Decline of Traditional Honor in the West, Ancient Greece to the Romantic Period
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