Veiled Christ, marble, Giuseppe Sanmartino 1783 to do a vial, one you can see through, and to carve that vial out of stone is just remarkable.

Giuseppe Sanmartino - Cristo Velato (Veiled Christ) Cappella Sansevero, Naples (check out the full sculpture! It's incredible)

Cristo Velato, Giuseppe Sanmartino, 1753, Cappella Sansevero di Napoli  -   Breathtaking

Cristo Velato, Giuseppe Sanmartino, Cappella Sansevero di Napoli - pleased to find a good pic of this work, the centerpiece of the chapel which houses many other extraordinary baroque sculptures.

La Cappella Sansevero-Neapolis: This entire sculpture is carved from marble, including the veil.

art fold, amazing sculpture captures veil"/ transparency in stone! "La Pudicizia" (Modesty) by Antonio Corradini 1752

Beautiful and so lifelike, it´s hard to imagine that they´re made of stone.

Veiled Vestal Virgin was carved out of marble by Raffaelle Monti in This Hellenistic inspired bust may look familiar if youre into movies of the century brooding hunks with sideburns category. It was featured alongside Keira Knightley in Pride Prejudice.

Christ voilé, Giuseppe Sanmartino, Chapelle Sansevero, Naples

Giuseppe Sanmartino, Chapelle Sansevero, Naples The extraordinary veiled christ

Antonio Corradini, “La Pudicizia”, 1752.

Statue: The Veiled Truth (aka Modesty / Chastity) by Antonio Corradini, 1751 at Cappella Sansevero, Naples, Italy

Giuseppe Sanmartino-(1720–1793)

The first dated work – marble Christ, under the shroud originally commissioned to sculptor Antonio Corradini, in the Chapel of San Severo

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Hat tip to ZooZoo Mayne for introducing me to the work of artist Kris Kuksi . Kuksi (b.

kris-kuksi-imminent-utopia-2.jpeg (864×1138)

Caravan Assault Apparatus: Sculpture by Kuksi. This embodies the definition of "Steampunk.