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an advertisement for witch hats and brooms from the early 1900's, with instructions on how to make them
Articulated Witch Puppet
an image of various halloween decorations on a white background
Halloween Jumping Jacks Collage Sheet
Wool and water.Unknown. Art Dolls, Toys, Collage, Paperdolls, Altered Art, Paper
Wool and water.Unknown.
Natalie Ann Horner
Natalie Ann Horner
an old advertisement for hair products from the early 1900's, with long curly hairs
Justin Bates
Justin Bates
two white angel wings are facing each other
an old fashion illustration shows different types of clothing and accessories, including gloves, leggings, and hats
chinois 2
the costume is made up of different types of clothing, including gloves and shoes with metal decorations on them
three cartoon figures are shown in different poses
a paper cut out of a man in a suit and tie holding a red purse
a ceramic angel ornament hanging on a wall
Articulated Paper Doll Angels & Fairies