A Flickering Reality by F. David Peat is an exciting journey into the world of films as they reflect our changing experience of human consciousness and explore what lies beneath the surface reality of the cosmos. The book explores the most exciting, creative and mind-expanding movies of the last decades: movies that stretch our vision of reality to the limit.

Good Food for Everyone Forever by Colin Tudge - Everyone who is ever likely to be born on to this planet could be fed to the highest standards of nutrition and gastronomy—and this could be done without cruelty, or destroying our fellow creatures. By 2050 we will need to feed 9.5 billion people—which is as big as the world population is ever likely to get. To achieve this we need only to design farming expressly for the purpose—what in this book is called “Enlightened Agriculture”.

In Search of Psi by Dr. Adam J. Rock and Dr. Lance Storm - Rock and Storm decided to assemble a collection of papers by a diverse group of authors, researchers, experimenters, and theorists, culminating in a total of 18 chapters on a wide variety of paranormal subjects under three main themes—extra-sensory perception (mind-to-mind communication), psychokinesis (mind over matter), and life after death.

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