Fine Men's Jewellery. Made in Italy.
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In The Club.. Quintessentially Lifestyle. #ottobarraotto

2 x 18K Gold 8/8 Bracelets by #ottobarraotto

Love the colours! Happy Tuesday Everyone!! ‪#‎ottobarraotto‬

8/8 Classics by OttoBarraOtto.

18K Gold 8/8 Bracelet + Card Case. Happy Monday!! ‪#‎ottobarraotto‬

It's Friday the 13th - but we believe in 8/8 by OttoBarraOtto!

The Bracelet and The Pack. 8/8 by OttoBarraOtto now available online at

Brand Ambassador. #ottobarraotto

Breakfast served... 8/8 Bracelet in 18k Rose Gold by OttoBarraOtto.