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a black and white drawing of a street sign with flowers on the ground next to it
Faire-part de mariage champêtre à personnaliser - Rosemood
an advertisement for aspirin plus with the caption's in german above it
Science & Engineering Memes For People Who Spent Too Much Time In School
three children with numbers on their faces and one child holding a sign that says, i wish
two cartoon images with the same caption in english and french, one has an image of a cat holding a key
The indestructive exponential function.
two different pictures with the same caption for each character in game of thrones
24 Funny Math Memes For That Will Make You Appear Smarter
a woman holding an umbrella in front of a blackboard with the same number on it
Picture memes 0uXNoyaI8 by Xinity: 276 comments - iFunny
a person holding a thermometer in their left hand and an image of two men
Calm down - Funny
two birds are shown with different amplitudes
Sound Wave & Mediums | 1.3K plays | Quizizz
two men sitting in front of a laptop computer talking to each other, with the caption
never ending pain
an image of a wrist watch with the caption what's the time, einstein?
It's 🅱elative
four different pictures of the same person's face and one has an open refrigerator
Intellectual meme - Funny