Renata Otfinowska

Renata Otfinowska

My name is Renata Otfinowska, I’m a freelance graphic illustrator. I live in Pisa and I really like to work as an illustrator.
Renata Otfinowska
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Duntulm Castle ruins, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Duntulm Castle ruins, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

“ Mythological creatures around the world | “ Selkies appear in Scottish and Irish myth and are said to be seals who can cast off their skin and become human on land. If someone should find...

and all manner of thing shall be well


The water was icy cold, biting at her already chapped skin, and she could hardly make her fingers release their death hold on the rock. Yet time was of the essence; nothing but the tide could carry her away from this place and the tide waits for no man.

But first, Let me take a selkie... #HappyStPatricksDay to all Irish Ex Mermaids!

Selkie legend: people who live in the sea as seals but sometimes shed their seal skin to sun bathe in their human form

Petition to sign and share. 1 7 The Saimaa ringed seal (Pusa hispida saimensis) is currently under imminent threat of extinction with only 300 of them left. This world's most endangered seal can only be found in Lake Saimaa in Finland.