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a colorful bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to a leafless twig
This is the Lilac-Breasted Roller Bird...
Lilac breasted roller bird
an image of a gecko looking at something in the air with its mouth open
© Robert Clark, National Geographic Gecko
a small yellow and brown frog sitting on top of a person's finger in front of a black background
© Joel Sartore, National Geographic Frog Dendropsophus ebraccatus
an orange and blue bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to a twig
Paradise flycatcher
two brown bears playing in the water with each other on their hind legs and paws
Асса ! by Sergey Ivanov / 500px
Асса !
a snail that is sitting on top of some water
i love u mom by Uda Dennie / 500px
I Love You Mom - Snail
a frog with red eyes is climbing on a tree branch and has its legs stretched out
kungfu frog by shikhei goh / 500px
Kung Fu Forg
an owl sitting on top of a moss covered tree branch with eyes wide open and looking at the camera
Little Owl
a polar bear floating on its back in the water
Relaxation - Polar Bear
a grasshopper on top of a tree with the words they see me rollin
A praying mantis appears to be pedalling a bicycle in this amusing photo taken by amateur photographer, Eco Suparman, a university student from Borneo, Indonesia. He came across the mantis on a fern in a cemetery in the Ambawang River Village.Picture: Eco Suparman / CATERS NEWS (via Telegraph)
a colorful chamelon sitting on top of a plant
an elephant kicking up dust in the desert
Festival of Colors