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" Aakaar " Concrete pendant ,statement Jewellery
Создание ботанического барельефа мастером My Hygge Home (Мария Спирина)
Процесс создания ботанического барельефа. Живые растения отпечатываются в глине, затем на глину ставится деревянная опалубка и заливается высокопрочный гипс.
nine tiles with pressed flowers on them in the shape of square tiles, all made out of white clay
Working with the seasons – trying to keep up
the perfect pair how to make concrete and gold jewelry
Concrete and Gold Jewlery
Concrete and Gold Jewlery
cauliflower seeds in a white bowl next to an unpeeled cauliflower
Reversed Volumes by Mischer’Traxler
Milan 2010: Viennese designers Mischer'Traxler presented a collection of bowls cast from vegetables in Milan last month. Called Reversed Volumes, the vessels are made by packing ceramic powder around vegetables where it hardens without firing, leaving a detailed imprint inside each container. Mischer'Traxler presented the project at Foodmarketo, a collaboration between Apartamento magazine and Designmarketo
how to make an egg carton with eggshells step by step photo instructions
How to Make Super Cute DIY Cement Easter Eggs
several vases and bowls are sitting on a table
500+ Mejores Imágenes De Molde De Letras En 2020 29F
two candles sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other with the words diy concrete pillar candle holders
7 DIY Candle Holder Ideas to Make This Weekend
One of the least expensive ways to beautify your home is with candles. And while you can buy candle holders just about everywhere, when you make your own, you can make them suit your own unique style. Need inspiration? Check out these 7 DIY candle holder ideas from across the web. #DIYCandleholder #DIY #homedecor #zenofzada
an egg is sitting next to another one on a white surface with red and blue markings
a white and brown vase sitting on top of a table
Concrete DIY: How to Make a DIY Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube
How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube. Perfect for flower arrangements or succulents! #concretediy #diy #botanicaldiy #vases #moderndecor
a small glass bowl with some liquid in it
Upcylce broken wine glass. – LOOK WHAT I MADE ...