Geometric throws

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an orange and black pillow sitting on top of a wooden table next to a deer antler
Art Journal Every Day: Patterns are Awesome!
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the black and white pattern is featured in this photo, along with an image of a woman holding a blanket
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
birds of a feather... by esmeralda
a black and white quilt on top of a bed
90+ Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas Using Grey Carpet -
three black and white blankets stacked on top of each other
BOHO BLANKET, Turkish Blanket, Turkish Towel, Bedspread, Festival Blanket, Fringed Throw, Beach Blanket, Picnic Blanket, Jacquard, Handmade - Etsy
BOHO BLANKET, Turkish blanket, Turkish towel, bedspread, festival blanket, fringed throw, beach blanket, picnic blanket, jacquard, handmade