And He loves you more than you can imagine.

HE, who once created the Sea, the Oceans and All the Stars above - that He once would end up dying on cross, saying "I thirst".How powerful.

aforisma, vivere, sorprendersi

Basta poco per sentirsi vivo e per un attimo anche felice.

Per riflettere sui propri errori

Let go of people who only share complaints, problems, disastrous stories, fear and judgement on others. If someone is looking for a basket to throw his trash, make sure it's not your mind.

Paulo Coelho

One day all will have 'a sense. then, for the moment, do not get depressed by the confusion, smile through the tears and try to comprehend that everything 'happens for a reason'

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Le persone belle non capitano semplicemente... si sono formate. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross #Aforismi

Le persone belle non capitano semplicemente.

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Immagine d'Amore Tramonto