Water Balloon Pinatas are perfect for a hot summer day of fun. p would love this!

Water Balloon Pinatas are perfect for a hot summer day plus lots of other water party ideas.

Pass the banana along the line using only your feet

Big Groups Games - Funny Group Banana Game

Team Bonding/ Ice Breakers/ Team Building This is one of the funniest big groups games. This suits best as a teenage party game with all youth in the group. You can also arrange this funny party game in a teenage birtheday party.


Water Relay- (Wet work student must be prepared for water time!) the first group who gets there water above the line wins.

Handprint Fish

Handprint and Footprint Arts & Crafts: Handprint & Footprint Animal Canvas Art {Reader Submission} Henderson is a cute craft idea for Caroline's Bday! :) Under the Sea!

Water Balloon Jousting Game

Water Balloon Jousting Game

Another ZiggityZoom original Summer Fun idea- water balloon jousting game- keep kids cool this Summer with this fun Water Balloon idea (Pour Water Fun)

Catch the Water Bomb Toss-colander attached to helmet. Good wet fun. Multiple outdoor games at this link.

Outdoor Picnic Games - Catch the Water Bombs Attach a colander to a bike helmet using string and have one helmet per team. Have team members stand behind a throwing line and see how many successful catches are made by the "team catcher"

Simpatiche mollette con sorpresa

DIY Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids will ensure the craft ideas you would love to try and share with your kids. In schools, kids get projects and creative art

Sponge Brigade - great water game to keep kids cool!

Water Olympics - Divide in 2 teams. Objective: Pass sponge to your own team members. Winner: Sponge reaches last person first in shortest amount of time.

Marble Race –-using only your feet, how many marbles can you get out of a bucket of water in just one minute? Fun!

MARBLE TOES - This is a great racing game. Fill up containers with water and marbles and have kids sit next to them and see how many marbles they can pick up with just their toes in 1 minute.

Totem Pole from Recyclables

Totem Pole From Recyclables

Make this fun Totem Pole from discarded plastic milk cartons, coffee containers and some paint. A great idea for a collaborative project and a history lesson at the same time.