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انا اسا وصلت بدي اوكل واحضر لعبه الفطبول... يعطيكي العافيه حبيبتي

We often want to make sure that certain data is available before a component is instantiated via routing. In this article you'll learn how to resolve route data.

Oh Shit #quotes #calligraphy  http://morgatta.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/le-scuse-del-giorno-dopo/

Le “scuse” del giorno dopo

I just had to keep the previous pinner's quote. ---> the moment you realize your husband is actually a mental case and he will try to give you nothing but more twisted shit and a miserable life after divorce LOL shit, shit, shit

Pioggia di stelle in una foresta

This picture is important because in Greek mythology Typhon was so tall that his head touched the stars.