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Italian Human Torpedo raid on Alexandria Harbor 1941

The first well-known frogmen were the navy diver members of World War II Italian commando frogmen, now ComSubIn, being part of Decima Flottiglia MAS, nicknamed "Uomini Rana", Italian for "frog men", because of an underwater swimming frog kick style, similar to that of frogs. 19 December 1941: The Decima Flottiglia MAS attacked the port of Alexandria with three maiali : midget submarine shown above.The battleships HMS Valiant and Queen Elizabeth (+ 8,000-ton tanker) were sunk in shallow…

Mini-Submarines & Frogmen

Italian Combat Divers Decima Mas WW2 and mini submarine.

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Regia Marina - 10ma Flottiglia MAS, 1941-42 - • Conducente di "Maiale", 1941 • Uomo Rana, Gruppo Gamma, 1942 • Tenente di vascello, uniforme di servizio, 1940

Maiale( Pig). The first human torpedo (the Italian Maiale) was electrically propelled, with two crewmen in diving suits riding astride. They steered the torpedo at slow speed to the enemy ship. The detachable warhead was then used as a limpet mine. They then rode the torpedo away. The idea was successfully applied by the Italian navy (Regia Marina) early in World War II and then copied by the British when they discovered the Italian operations.