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a painting with birds and stars on it in a wooden frame that says, sweet william & mary
Antiques: Auction Results: October, 2011
Antique Fraktur
an old painting with a bird on it
more fraktur art and weekend in brief
enhabiten: more fraktur art and weekend in brief
a bird sitting on top of a flower next to a leafy plant with red, white and blue flowers
PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL, 19th century , A Presentation Drawing of a Bird | Christie's
PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL, 19th century Fraktur.
an old book with flowers and birds on it
Pictures: "Paper Trail: Recording Rites of Passage in German-Speaking America"
Birth Certificate for Daniel Kagy, at Colonial Williamsburg exhibit - Unlike the pious admonitions found in the birth certificate made for his mother, Catharine Neff, some 35 years before, this early 1800s frak...
an image of a painting on the side of a door
Early style bookplate of a lady in brown with her parasol and dog by Steve Shelton. painted on an early leather book cover. Available at Whitehorse Antiques, Rocheport, Mo. Contact us for details: 573-698-2088. Copyright Steve Shelton. SOLD.
an old painting with two birds and a man holding a stick in the middle of it
PastPerfect Online
Fraktur reward, 1831, by Isaac Z. Hunsicker for Susan Alderfer. Gift of Marc Mostovoy.
two roosters are depicted in an ornate frame
Pennsylvania watercolor on paper folk art drawing of two roosters perched on flowering vines, 19th c.
a bird sitting on top of a tree next to a house
Barnes Foundation — The Barnes Collection
American, Pennsylvania German - House and Bird on a Tree
an old book with birds on it and one bird sitting in the middle, while another bird is standing up
Works on Paper - Fraktur - Search the Collection - Winterthur Museum
Works on Paper - Fraktur - Search the Collection - Winterthur Museum
a painting with horses, birds and flowers on it's border in an old book
The hooves of horses! Oh! witching and sweet Is the music earth steals from the iron-shod feet; No whisper of lover, no trilling of bird, Can stir me as much as hooves of horses Have stirred. ~ Will H. Ogilvie.