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Gianni Oggiana

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Guide for Industrial Lighting Under $100

The Ultimate Guide for Industrial Lighting Under $100

Through wedge tenon on walnut curved back chair fine furniture

Coshell Chair by Tendo Mokko - Coshell Chair by japanese furniture maker Tendo Mokko comes beautifully flat packed and can be assembled in approximately 20 minutes. In the Tohoku region of Japan, 'Coshell' means 'to create'. This seating design stands to deliver the pleasure of creation to its owner, while also exuding the importance and brilliance of earnest craftsmanship. The chair is made-up of a molded white beech plywood frame finished with a urethane resin, in combination with canvas…

Corten Steel Waterfall

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dovetailed table & stand

A Collection of Furniture Built for Multifunctional Spaces

Collection 02 by Goyo Estudio

Design Alexandre Caldas Inspired by original 1953 model.