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Meet David. Yeah, we know: he’s not there. Currently, he’s on the balcony watching the winter comets in the sky. But when he’s in, he watches the stars sitting on our chair: Walter. (You thought Walter was your friend’s name? It’s also the chair designed by our Filippo Franchi ➜

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Meet Helen and Michael. Yeah, we know: they’re not there. They just came home from a dinner with some friends. Well, we’re not sure we can tell you where they are now… But when they were here, they used our Bit Bit to . (Jealous, huh? Find out more on Bit Bit ➜

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Meet Giulia. Yeah, we know: she's not there. Currently, she is playing at a jam session with her friends. But when she's home, she uses our Xbook to keep her favorite vinyls in place. (Need an Xbook to rock your world? Find out more ➜

Meet Luke and Michael. Yeah, we know: they’re not there. Currently, they’re having a shower: they’ve just come home after a football match. They make their mom proud: they hung their clothes on our Tripod. (Too many clothes on your floor? Find out more on Tripod ➜

Meet Andrew. Yeah, we know: he’s not there. Currently, he’s working in his studio. But when he’s home, he uses our Abaco to display his collection of cameras: he wants to convey his passion for film to his daughter. (Is your living room out of focus? Find out more ➜

Meet Sandra. Yeah, we know: she’s not there. Currently, she’s having a coffee with a friend. But when she’s in, she uses our Honey-Way in her clothes shop. Isn’t it lovely how she placed those hats? (Try Honey-Way in your store ➜

Meet Martina and Claudio. Yeah, we know: they're not there. Currently, they're having lunch with some friends. But until half an hour ago, they used Artù + Ginevra for their traditional post-Christmas chess game. (Need a prop for your traditions? Read more on Artù + Ginevra ➜

Meet Sara. Yeah, we know: she's not there. She just went to open the door to her guests: home barbecue tonight. Thanks to our Elio. (Feeling creative? Challenge yourself: try Elio! ➜