Christmas in New York City - A walk to Radio City Music Hall

New York City at Christmas would not be complete without the Radio City Music Hall and the Tree.
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One of the most joyous things for me is to discover something that has been in plain sight for years. I have walked past these murals countless times, they never registered! Last night, as I photographed the area around Rock Center I took some time to look and photograph these ceramic murals. They are named Drama, Song, and Dance. I was floored by their beauty and technique. Of course there is a story behind them that is well worth knowing. The artist who designed them is named Hildreth…

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Most of Meière’s spectacular creations are on public view, enhancing buildings, and are revered by those who are familiar with the mosaic murals, wall sculptures, stained glass windows and other unique works - even if they are unaware of the artist. Hildreth Meière (1892-1961)

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In the 1930s she was considered the most famous muralist of the Art Deco style, and probably the most prolific in the country. Meière’s specialty was the ancient and beautiful art of mosaic, which continues to be enjoyed in churches and public buildings across the country in over a hundred commissions from New York to California.

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The Radio City Music Hall is one of the largest theaters in the country. The interior is a show unto itself. Donald Deskey wasn't the most celebrated interior designer to enter the competition for design of the Music Hall's interior spaces. In fact, he was relatively unknown. He made art an integral part of the design, engaging fine artists to create murals, wall coverings and sculpture; textile designers to develop draperies and carpets.

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Hildreth Meière was most famous as an Art Deco muralist and decorator whose work stands among the most distinguished of her era. She is also an important figure in the history of American Liturgical, and she is one of the preeminent mosaicists in the history of American art. She gained the respect of the greatest muralists and architects of her day. In 1956 she was the first woman honored with The Fine Arts Medal of the American Institute of Architects:

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Panoramic photographs are fun to take, particularly when there is so much going on in the frame. here we are in front of the Radio City Music Hall - Christmas in New York City in full swing.

Drama, one of three eighteen feet in diameter, enameled Metal Pieces Took 6 Months to Make on the façade of the International Music Hall fronting on Fiftieth Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Each is placed sixty feet above the sidewalk forming a complete decorative scheme in harmony with the entire development.

You can have your photograph taken in the Times Square Starbucks - They promised to send it to me, I'm still waiting.

Although not as famous, this wonderful piece of etched glass is part of the decor of my bedroom. It was designed by Savoy Studios, and I acquired it in a trade for photographic services.

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