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Italian Words Translated In English Word List | Italian Love Phrases - Learn Romantic Sayings, Quotes, Words and Poems


#Italian sayings "Everything has its time you just have to have the patience and the strength to wait."


... and I'm happy to go pick them up personally.

♔ 'Love will find a way.'

"Find someone who accepts the worst in you because it's easy to find one who accepts the best. Everyone loves that!"

I've always loved this quote & the way it sounds in Italian . So I'm thinking of getting this down my spine <3

#italian #quote Do not live half of a life. Do not be a "maybe" or a "so so" or an "I don't know" because you're too afraid to respond. There exist no beginnings or endings, which leave a bitter taste in your mouth and doubt in your stomach. If you worry about that, you'll likely leave it all and give up. It's black or white, and grey is only a color and even the answer to why that is does not exist.

"In life we can choose to cry or laugh, forget or remember, but above all we can always choose to begin anew!"

beautiful things come when you're not looking!

It's the Live, Love, Laugh quote in Italian. And lookie there. It's my last name.